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Enrolment Information

Our Lady of Kāpiti School is a state integrated Catholic school.

What does this actually mean?

It means we are not a private school but a crown entity.  We are funded and operate  the same as any other state school except our right to teach and promote our Catholic  Christian faith and values (as the foundation of the things we do) is enshrined in the Integration Act 1975. 

The cost of an education at Our Lady of Kāpiti School is the same as for a state school  except for $450 per year per child which parents pay  to the Archbishop of Wellington because the buildings are owned and maintained by the Church. Everything else is funded by the Ministry of Education,  or locally raised funds .

The Archbishop is very clear that finance should not be a barrier to sending children to a Catholic school. The parish priest and principal are always willing to discuss ways in which we can assist all Catholic children to attend Our Lady of Kāpiti School.

Enrolment Information