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Enrolment Information

Some answers to commonly asked questions.

Q:   Is Our Lady of Kāpiti School a private school?

A:   Definitely not. We are a Catholic school integrated into the state school system.

Q:   Who can enrol at a Catholic integrated school?

A:   Any child who is a baptised Catholic or who is part of a Catholic family.

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Any child who is entitled to enrol at a state school and whose parents agree to abide by the special character of the school.

(Enrolment will depend on available vacancies for ‘non preference’ students)

Q:   How much does it cost to send a child to Our Lady of Kāpiti School?

A: $475 per year per student to be paid to the Catholic Schools Board because they own the buildings.

All other costs are similar to state schools.

Integrated schools are funded the same way as state schools by the Ministry of Education, except for buildings.

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Q:   What do we teach?

A: We teach the same NZ curriculum as NZ state schools.

In addition we teach the NZ Catholic Religious Education programme.

Q:   Do we have a compulsory school uniform?

A:   Yes.  This is detailed in the parent information section.

Most of the uniform is currently purchased through Postie Plus.

Q: Do we provide after school care?

A: Three ‘before and after’ school providers service the school.

They each provide a drop off and pick up service.

Lighthouse, 3PM, Chelsea House.

Q:   What is our school roll and class sizes?

A:   Current roll is 120+.

We aim to keep junior classes to <18.

We aim to keep middle and senior classes to <28.

Q:   Do you have school buses?

A:   Mana Coach Services run timetabled buses to and from the school arriving at 8.50am and leaving at 2.50pm. 

One bus leaves for the railway station and children transfer to buses for Paraparaumu region.

A second bus leaves for Waikanae.

Further information can be obtained from Mana Coach Services

Please email the principal with any additional questions you may have principal@olok.school.nz